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An Environmentally Friendly,

No Rinse Cleaning Solution

When you are the proud owner of a high-gloss polished concrete floor, you maybe wondering how to maintain it and keep it clean.

If you love Googling everything like us, you probably feel overwhelmed at all of the cleaning suggestions out there.

From warm water with dish soap to floor cleaning wipes, it can be confusing to decide which is the right way to keep the shine in your floor.

This is why we developed, CLEANSE, an environmentally friendly, pH neutral, no rinse cleaning solution with lemon scent, that will keep your floor looking amazing and last for a very long time.

CLEANSE has been developed specially for polished concrete floors in mind. It is designed to break down grime on your polished concrete floors with ease and without the nasty chemicals.

  • Safe to use around pets

  • Concentrated cleaner that removes daily debris from polished concrete.

  • Contains no harsh chemicals

  • Low VOC, and VOC-compliant

  • Ideal for daily cleaning of polished concrete, terrazzo, epoxy

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