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Our Gold Coast Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete is the foundation of every Gold Coast warehouse, industrial, commercial or retail building. On its own concrete is durable, but still prone to cracking and chipping, that can turn into a hazardous floor for your customers, employees and equipment.

This is why polished concrete, an unknown flooring option not long ago, has been taking Gold Coast by storm.

Polished concrete offers high-quality, durable and moisture controlled industrial, commercial and warehouse flooring. It can improve both appearance and workplace efficiency, while allowing firm footing for your employees and customers.

Our multi-step diamond-polishing technology can grind and polish any structurally sound concrete surfaces to a luste mirror like finish. We use chemical-resistant coatings that protect the floor, enhance the moisture control and ensure the "like-new" appearance for years.

Industries we service

  • Industrial Flooring Brisbane
    Our industrial polished concrete is ideal for Gold Coast's factories, processing and assembly plants, refineries, gas and power plants, research and development plants and more.
  • Warehouse Flooring Brisbane
    Our warehouse polished concrete is ideal for Gold Coast's logistical centres, loading docks, distribution centres, data centres, storage warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial parks and more.
  • Commercial Flooring In Sunshine Coast
    Our commercial/retail polished concrete is ideal for offices, loft-spaces, grocery shops, retail, restaurants, cafes, barber shops, hairdressers and any other business that want to maintain the lustre of their concrete floor throughout the constant foot traffic.
Industrial Polished Concrete Brisbane

Polished Concrete Gold Coast Process

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished, no matter if it's new or old.


We start by mechanically grinding the concrete floor, removing all dirt, grime, oil, glue, paint, and stains.
At this stage, we also aim to expose the stones in the concrete slab.


Once the concrete is fully ground, we move on to repair all cracks and holes in the floor. Repairing the cracks and holes gives the finished floor an extra charm, while it preserves its structural integrity


Once the concrete slab is ready and the stones exposed, we make many passes over the floor using a variety of diamond grits. We then fill up any remaining gaps and cracks with concrete grout, before finishing the first step with concrete hardener and allowing it to cure overnight.


Once the concrete hardener is cured, we move on to resin pads and begin polishing the concrete to the desired sheen using a series of polishing diamond grits. The final step is to clean the floor, apply a stain guard and burnish the floor.

Polished Concrete Gold Coast Benefits

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Durable And Long lasting

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We all know that concrete is strong, that’s why we use it in every building, but when constantly used it becomes vulnerable to damage.
At WIRTHFLOOR we use concrete hardener when polishing your concrete floors. It makes the concrete slab more durable and less prone to damage.
And as the concrete floors are part of your building, they won’t require replacing, unlike other flooring options.

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Concrete Dusting

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Have you noticed the fine dust that’s always laying around in your warehouse, storage, or commercial property?
Chances are that this is from your porous unsealed concrete floor. This fine dust appears when there is wear and tear of the floor and the concrete material has started to break down.
Not only this dust can be annoying, but it can also damage delicate equipment and goods and become a health hazard for your employees.
Polishing your floors greatly reduces dusting and wear and tear, prolongs the life of your floor, and reduces the health risks associated with inhaling the concrete dust.

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Improve Reflectivity And Ambient Lighting

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If you want to project a bright, clean, and luxurious image of your Gold Coast restaurant, bar, shop, office, hotel, or warehouse, polished concrete is the way to go.
The reflective properties of polished concrete not only can improve ambient lighting in any room but also reduce energy bills, increase safety and protect your business in the best possible way.

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Cost Saving

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Concrete is the foundation of every building and what better way to save money than to use it as your flooring. With polished concrete, you won’t require any floor covering materials, which will reduce your maintenance cost and the time your business is not running.

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Easy To Clean And Maintain

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If you run a busy restaurant, retail shop, or warehouse, you need a floor that can resist the makes foot traffic, forklift trucks, and staining from oil and chemical spills.
With its smooth glass-like surface, polished concrete can do all of that and more. It will not only protect your floor and eliminate damage, but it also won’t harbor any dust, dirt, or allergens, making it extremely easy to clean.
Polished concrete also eliminates the need for waxes and coatings as well as the associated labor, time, and expense.

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Available In Different Levels Of Sheen

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From a grind and seal for industrial properties and warehouses to a high-gloss mirror-like surface for Gold Coast's commercial and retail properties, polished concrete is the ultimate high-customized decorative flooring.
You can choose the level of stone exposure and sheen to match your needs and interior.

Gold Coast Epoxy & Polished Concrete Services

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